Killer bean - KB - Cappucino’s nephew - CN - Police bean - PB - Dispatch operator DO - Detective cromwell - DC - Vagan - VN - Cappucino - CO - Reporter - RP - Jet Bean - JB - Bing Bow - BB - Bartender BT - Tsingtao - TT - Cappucino’s gangsters - CG - Vagan’s gangsters - VG - Vagan’s personal guards - VP - Mercenary leader - ML - Mercenary - M - Shadow Agency - SA - Harry - HR - ​ CN - Yeah? KB - Can you turn down the music. CN - What? KB - Can you turn down the music! KB - I'm trying to get some sleep here! CN - Turn down the music? CN - How's that! CN - How's that. Is that much better? KB - Turn down your damn music, or I'll come over there and turn it down myself! CN - All right, sucker. You come down here, we can dance. CN - Hello? CN - Hello? CN - Bitch! KB - When I don't get enough sleep, I get irritable. And you don't want to make me - 'Calling VAGAN' CN - Wait! Who are you? KB - Just a bean trying to get some sleep. CN - Wait, wait, wait, wait, wait! CN - You came here just to make us turn off the music? KB - If you were listening on the phone, KB - I said I would come here to turn it off myself. CN - What! CN - Are you insane?! Do you know what you just got yourself into? CN - Do you know who I am! CN - Do you know who my uncle is?! KB - Yes. KB - I do. PB - Detective Cromwell. Good morning. DC - Yeah. DC - Something tells me there's nothing good about this morning. DC - What do we got here? PB - Multiple gunshots were reported coming from this warehouse. PB - I was the first one to answer the call. DC - Multiple gunshots, huh. DC - You do know whose warehouse this is. PB - Yes, sir. DC - Have you gone inside yet? PB - No, sir. I wanted to wait for backup. DC - Well. DC - It's here. PB - My God. PB - What a massacre. PB - There's got to be a dozen, at least a dozen dead beans here. DC - I guess I don't need this anymore. PB - These were all Cappuccino's beans. DC - Mm-hmm. PB - It must have been some kind of gang war. DC - No. This is no gang war. DC - Cappuccino's beans might be dumb, but they know how to use a gun. DC - There would have been other dead beans here, not just them. DC - This something else. PB - Well. PB - One thing's for sure. PB - We won't need that search warrant we were trying to get, huh. DC - Heh. DC - Yeah. DC - I could live with this. PB - Detective Cromwell. I found something here. 'This bullet casing is the property of Killer Bean' DC - Killer Bean 'The bullet is meant for someone else' DC - Hmm. PB - What do you make of this? DC - This guy's got balls. That's for sure. PB - We got company! DC - Let's go! DC - Stop! DC - Stop right there! PB - This is the police! Hold it right there! DC - Bad idea. PB - Get out of the car! Get your hands where I can see them! PB - Easy... Easy... VN - Oh please, officer. Don't hurt me. PB - Watch it. DC - Vagan. VN - I should have known I'd find you here, Detective Cromwell. DC - What are you doing here, Vagan? VN - Well, obviously something happened in my warehouse. VN - I mean, can't a bean protect his own property anymore? DC - Don't you mean, Cappuccino's property? VN - You know, your obsession with Cappuccino has become quite amusing. VN - Always trying to link everything back to Cappuccino. PB - Why don't you tell it to the court. You're under arrest. VN - Arrest? For what? VN - A traffic violation? PB - What about this? Looking for some action here? VN - If I were looking for some action, VN - you wouldn't be standing before me as you do right now. PB - Yeah? PB - That's cause I'd be shooting you with this! DC - Are you kids done yet? PB - I say we take him in and book him right now. VN - You know my lawyers will have me out even before you get me to the police station. VN - The time is not worth your effort, now is it Cromwell. DC - Let him go. PB - What?! DC - I said let him go. VN - Uh, my gun please. VN - Nice... DC - You know, Vagan, you're right. DC - You're not worth my time. DC - However, investigating the multiple homicides in your warehouse is. DC - And whatever else we find in your warehouse, is just icing on the cake. DC - You're free to go. DC - And by the way, your car's parked illegally. DC - You better get it out of here before we tow it. DC - Oh, and Vagan. DC - Here. DC - It looks like I'm not the only one after your boss. RP - ...possible suspects. Rumors have surfaced saying that there is a vigilante bean in town... KB - What the hell is going on out there?! KB - Ah. Looks like I got someone's attention. KB - Who's this? KB - Great. KB - Playtime's over. 'Encrypted Call' 'Decoding' 'Secure Connection' KB - This is Killer Bean. SA - Killer Bean. What the hell are you doing? You think this is a game? SA - What were you thinking last night? KB - I had a rough night last night. SA - We know what kind of night you had. Might I remind you what your mission is. SA - You were given specific orders to hunt down and eliminate the target. No one else! SA - Drawing this kind of attention to yourself is dangerous for us, and especially for you. KB - What's the big deal? I killed a bunch of gangsters. KB - I'm sure the Beantown police are a lot happier without them. SA - You didn't do anyone a favor with that mess you created last night. SA - And you are not working for the Beantown police. SA - You are working for us! KB - I'll still get the job done. KB - I'll get him. SA - We're running out of time. He has to know you're coming by now. SA - Remember who he is. KB - Yeah. I know what the mission is. SA - Then stick to it! Don't be so reckless, Killer Bean. KB - I'll call you when I got him! KB - Reckless! Pff! KB - Reckless my brown bean ass! 'Decoding' 'Secure Connection' JB - Yes? SA - Jet Bean, you have been activated for an urgent mission in Beantown. JB - Beantown? I'm a long way from Beantown. JB - It would be best to assign someone else. SA - This mission is highly sensitive. SA - You are the most capable for the job. JB - It figures. JB - Fine. JB - I'll do it. SA - Good. We'll contact you with the details as soon as you reach the shore. SA - See you in Beantown. JB - They better have some good food in Beantown. BB - Wait. BB - Are you leaving? JB - Yes. BB - How long will you go for? JB - A long time. BB - Oh... BB - I have something I want to give to you. JB - Oh... You shouldn't have. BB - Here! It's the bill! BB - You haven't paid in three months! JB - I'm leaving now. JB - I will pay when I get back. BB - Hey! You get back here pay now! BB - Tsingtao! BB - Get out here! BB - He say your food tastes like ass crack. TT - What?! BB - Make bean curd out of him! JB - I said I'll pay when I get back! BB - Oh. It's okay. BB - It's on the house. You don't have to come back! Please! CO - Looking at the figures from our previous fiscal year. CO - Narcotic sales have dropped 57 percent. CO - 57 percent! CO - That's more than half! CO - Now, compare this to the 300 percent growth CO - from our weapons department. CO - But you guys... CO - You guys are not from my weapons department, are you. CO - No... CO - You guys are from my narcotics department, okay?! CO - So what do I have to do, huh? CO - How can I get through to you guys?! CG 1 - Dude. I have such a hangover. CG 2 - Yeah bean, that was a kick-ass party last night, right? CG 1 - Yeah. Too bad we didn't stay for the whole thing. CG 1 - I bet they had some fun. CG 2 - Woot! Woot! CO - You see, it's easy when you think about it. CO - Crime is on the rise, okay. So more guns sell, CO - because criminals use guns. CO - Hello!! CO - They also use drugs! CO - So more drugs should sell, right? CO - What's the problem here? CO - Now, you guys. CO - Someone give me a reasonable explanation, okay? CO - Why are narcotic sales performing so poorly? CG 3 - It's all those anti-drug commercials on TV. CG 3 - You never see any anti-gun commercials. CG 3 - It's not fair. CO - It has become quite apparent to me, CO - that some of you do not value your job. CO - Now... CO - That is quite odd, if you ask me. CO - Especially in today's economy. CO - But I am forced to say... CO - It is time... CO - To lay off! CO - A few beans!! CG 4 - Ooohhh!!! CG 5 - Uh, wait. CG 5 - I have a question. CO - Yes. CG 5 - Will I be eligible for unemployment? CO - Hmm. CO - Let me check with the finance department on that, okay? CG 5 - My social security number is... CG 5 - 3, 4, 6... CO - Oh boy. CO - Is my batting average going to go up after this. CO - Ahem- CG - Hang on, let me just finish this level. VN - Cappuccino! CO - Ah. Vagan. CO - I'm glad you're here. CO - Maybe you can teach these beans something about business, CO - since you've handled my weapons department so well. CG 1 - That bean is nothing but a kiss-ass brown-noser. CG 1 - What does he know that we don't know? CG 1 - But he's making millions of dollars selling weapons. CG 1 - If you ask me, CG 1 - He's doing something illegal. CO - Oh, it's great to see you, Vagan. CO - But you'll have to excuse me. CO - I'm in an important meeting right now. VN - This is more important. It's about the warehouse on Baker Street. CO - Oh that. It's okay. I know. VN - You know? CO - Yeah. My nephew was having a party of there last night, okay? VN - No, it's not about the party. VN - Well. VN - It is. VN - There was a hit on the warehouse. VN - Everyone is dead. CO - Who did this. VN - I have reason to believe that it was done by a bean named, Killer Bean. CO - Killer Bean... CO - One bean? VN - This is no ordinary bean. VN - I've heard of him before. I know what he can do. CO - Who the hell is he? CO - Who sent him? CO - Is it the Colombians? CO - Is it the French trying to roast me? VN - It has to be one of your competitors. CO - Who ever it is, CO - I want you to find him. CO - I want you to find him, and destroy him! VN - Oh, believe me I will try. VN - But first, we have Killer Bean to deal with. VN - He's somewhere out there, and he's coming after you. CO - All right. CO - We need to consolidate all of our warehouses. CO - There's too many targets for him to attack. CO - Move all our inventory to the central warehouse on Main Street. CO - I want you to protect that place. VN - What about Killer Bean? What do you want me to do? CO - Oh nothing. CO - Just send him a box of chocolates, and tell him thanks for the memories. CO - You idiot! CO - What do you think you should do? CO - Kill him. CO - Any way you can, by any means. CO - Put him in the ground! VN - I'll need more beans. Professional beans. CO - Put it on my credit card, okay. CO - Just do it! VN - Yes, sir. CO - Vagan. CO - Make sure you find out who sent him. CO - There will be hell to pay. HR - Hello. DC - Hey, Harry. It's Detective Cromwell. HR - Hey, Cromwell. DC - Hey did you get the package I sent you? HR - Yeah, it's pretty wild stuff. DC - Our crime lab is getting nowhere with this. DC - What do you make of it? HR - Well, the easy ones the tire tread sample. HR - I tested the residue you sent, and the tires are made from silicon steel fiber alloy. HR - It's only used on high-performance cars. It's not unique, but it's hard to come by. DC - Hmm... What about the gold bullets? HR - Now that. HR - In my 15 years with Special Forces, I've never seen gold used in any weapon. HR - But for practical purposes gold is a very soft metal. HR - So the bullets expand and deform on high impact. HR - They make little holes on the way in and big holes on the way out. HR - And they are much harder to match the ballistic signatures. HR - That makes them relatively untraceable. DC - Yeah, that doesn't make sense if the bullet casings have his name on it. And he left those everywhere. HR - Yeah. Killer Bean. Yeah, I don't get that. HR - He must be one sick bean, like he wanted to be found out. DC - Yeah, or he's bragging. Or just plain careless. DC - This Killer Bean has to be working for someone to get that kind of financial backing. You HR - think he's a gun for hire? DC - Or he could be a vigilante. That's the word on the street. DC - Either way, one thing's for sure. He has his eyes set on Cappuccino. HR - Heh, well then you both have something in common. DC - Yeah. If that's true, DC - I have a hunch where this Killer Bean will show up next. DC - Hey, I gotta go. See you, Harry. HR - Later. 'Suspected Cappuccino's Warehouses' KB - Dramatic entrance... Dramatic entrance... KB - Well, that pretty much frees up my day. KB - Time for some breakfast. 'Shadow Bean, you are too late.' BT - Howdy. What will it be? KB - Tequila and tonic. KB - And, uh. Turn up the TV. RP - Detective Cromwell, concerning possible suspects, RP - rumors have surfaced that there is a vigilante bean in town, who is hunting down Cappuccino. DC - There is no evidence for your vigilante theory. As far as I'm concerned, DC - the suspect or suspects involved in these homicides are no friends of the police. DC - We will do what is necessary to bring them to justice. Thank you. KB - I don't think so. KB - I'll have another. And you can turn that crap off now. What can I get you? DC - I'll have what he's having. DC - This is a rough part of town. Do you always sit with your back to the entrance? DC - Doesn't matter who comes in. KB - Isn't it against police regulation to be drinking during the day? DC - I'm a detective. Our regulations are a little different. DC - How'd you know I was with the police? KB - You know, you're much uglier in person. DC - Heh. DC - My name is Detective Cromwell. And you are? KB - Jack. DC - Well, Jack... DC - I guess you heard what happened this morning over at the warehouse on Baker Street. KB - Yeah, I know about that. DC - Really. Tell me what you know. KB - Why don't we cut to the chase. KB - Why don't you tell me what you know. DC - Oh, I know a lot. DC - I know the Baker Street warehouse is owned by Cappuccino. DC - I know someone killed 12 beans in that warehouse last night. DC - I know the killer drove a fancy car, and has fancy guns. DC - I know that the warehouse across the street with the big hole in the window also belongs to Cappuccino. DC - I see this fancy car parked in front, and well, you don't look like you walked here. DC - So my guess is... DC - This, belongs to you. KB - Well it looks like you figured it all out. KB - Good job. KB - Another! DC - It was easy. You were just reckless. KB - The way I see it, you're the one who's being reckless. KB - You come out here looking for me by yourself. You didn't bring anyone to back you up. That's reckless. DC - Here's my backup. KB - That's a nice gun. KB - Wanna see mine! DC - How can I see it, if you have it against the side of my head? DC - Not bad. DC - But mine's bigger. KB - You do the math. DC - Why are you after Cappuccino? KB - That's for me to know, and you not to know. DC - Well, I know I can't have a crazy vigilante running around shooting up beans. DC - But you're no vigilante, are you. DC - Seems like there are beans who've invested in you, DC - And I'm sure they're not happy with the press you're getting. DC - This is where I can help you. KB - I don't need help. DC - Well, you see. I'm bound by the law. DC - I've been working this Cappuccino case for over three years. DC - Every time we think we have something on him, his lawyers get in the way and get him out. DC - I wish I was like you. DC - I wish I could just walk up to him and shoot him. DC - But I can't. DC - It's too bad. DC - Because I know where is central warehouse is. DC - Not these abandoned warehouses, like that one out there. DC - Why don't you pay him a visit? KB - You got the wrong bean. I'm not just some hired gun. DC - Who says I'm hiring you? DC - You already have a boss, don't you? DC - I bet he doesn't really like all that attention that you're getting from the media. DC - I can make that go away. DC - I control the evidence, DC - and the evidence says it could've been some rival gang that killed all of Cappuccino's beans last night, or... DC - It could be you. DC - And I have a lot of evidence that says that. KB - Are you going to take me in? DC - I can take you down. KB - Oh... I would enjoy that. BT - Freeze! BT - Get out of my bar you punks! I know how to use this! DC - Whoa! Whoa! Whoa! Hold on! I'm a cop! DC - Put down your gun! BT - I don't trust any of you. BT - You drop your guns, both of you! KB - Sorry, grandpa. It doesn't work like that. DC - Okay, okay. DC - I'm going to slowly lower my gun, DC - and I'm gonna go, alright? Alright? DC - This will be real easy. DC - See? DC - This is easy. DC - Killer Bean. DC - Remember what I said. DC - We can help each other. KB - Just help yourself out the door. KB - This is for the drinks. Mine and his. KB - Now, you mind if I go to the bathroom before I go? BT - Be quick. Your life depends on it. KB - So dramatic. KB - Sorry. It was a double flusher. BT - But you only flushed once. KB - Hey... Don't I know you from somewhere? DC - Who is Shadow Bean? KB - You're in way over your head. DC - Who is Shadow Bean?! KB - You don't have to yell. I'm right next to you. DC - Answer me! Are there two of yous?! KB - You're not going to shoot me if you need the answers. KB - Besides, I can't answer you anyway. So... KB - I'll have to do this instead! KB - It's a good idea for you to stay down. DC - We'll settle this later. KB - You're not as dumb as you look. HR - Hello. DC - Harry. It's Cromwell. DC - My hunch was right. DC - Killer Bean hit Cappuccino's warehouse on the east side. DC - In fact, he was still here when I got here. HR - Whoa, how did that go? DC - Not as well as I would have liked. DC - Hey listen. I got some new info. I found a note in front of Cappuccino's warehouse. DC - It said, Shadow Bean, you are too late. DC - Does that mean anything to you? DC - Harry? You still there? HR - I didn't know they were still in operation. DC - Who? HR - The Shadow Beans. DC - Harry, what's going on? HR - They're highly trained operatives of an organization called the Shadow Agency. DC - Shadow Agency? What are they, a government agency? Why haven't I heard of them? HR - I think they were a private organization. HR - There are some things the government does that are not meant to be known. HR - Their collaboration with the Shadow Agency was one of them. HR - When diplomatic and military tactics failed, HR - our government hired the Shadow Agency to eliminate national security threats. HR - It was more cost effective than training and maintaining our own elite assassins. HR - And the Shadow Beans were better than anything we had. DC - Great. DC - But why here? DC - What are the Shadow Beans doing in Beantown? DC - And what could they possibly want with Cappuccino? HR - I don't know. I thought the Shadow Agency was disbanded. HR - I know our government stopped using them nearly a decade ago. HR - I haven't heard of them since. DC - So do you think this Killer Bean is a Shadow Bean operative? HR - It sounds like he's certainly good enough to be. What do you think I should do is stop him? HR - I don't even know if you can't stop him. HR - But you can start by putting all your cops on double duty. DC - Right... KB - This is the place. KB - Dramatic entrance. VG 1 - Bean, I hate this job. VG 1 - It's so freaking boring. VG 1 - All we do we sit around and drink beer. VG 2 - Are you kidding? This is my dream job! VG 3 - Hey! We're not supposed to be just sitting around drinking beer. VG 3 - Remember what Vagan said? He said we got to move all those crates by morning. VG 3 - If the cops find this stuff, we are screwed. VG 2 - Where are we supposed to move them? VG 3 - I don't know. I didn't really listen to that part. VG 2 - Hey, give me another beer. VG 4 - Oh here, have mine. I shouldn't drink anymore. VG 4 - *sniff* VG 4 - *cough* VG 4 - I have a really bad cold. VG 2 - All right! VG 2 - Wait... is this a low carb beer? VG 3 - Hey, speaking of beer... VG 3 - Did you beans hear what happened at the party last night? VG 3 - Some dude went in there, and killed everyone. VG 3 - He even killed Cappuccino's nephew. VG 4 - Geez... VG 4 - Who was this bean that killed everyone? VG 4 - Is he someone I should be worried about? VG 3 - Nah. He's probably just some crazed lunatic, running around with lots of guns. VG 3 - You know, that's the problem with this country. VG 3 - Too many crazed lunatics with guns. VG 3 - Isn't that right, baby? VG 4 - The lunatics aren't the problem. VG 4 - The real problem is the guns. VG 4 - What this country needs is some serious gun control. VG 4 - I mean, we need to take away all the guns. All of them! And just get rid of them! VG 4 - But not my gun. KB - Ohhh! Gah! KB - Ow! VG 3 - Bean, you dropped into the wrong place. VG 3 - Looks like what we got here is a standoff. KB - Not really. VG 5 - Over there! VG 5 - Take cover! VG 5 - Call the boss! Get some help! VN - Hello. VG 6 - Vagan! We're being attacked. I think it's Killer Bean! VN - How do you know? VG 6 - Well... VG 6 - He's killing everyone! VN - We're sending the mercenaries. Just hold tight. VG 5 - Keep firing! Don't let up! VG 5 - Grenade!! ML - I can see we came to the right place. ML - You made short work of these beans. ML - Don't expect the same fight from us. ML - My squad has been with me through hell. ML - I hand selected them myself from the Academy ten years ago. ML - All of them graduated with top honors. ML - I led these beans through three tours of duty, ML - accumulating a total of 15 Medals of Honor, 11 Purple Hearts. ML - Sure, we lost a few good beans... ML - But you should see what we did to the other bloke. ML - Well, then we went into business for ourselves. ML - Escort detail for high-level dignitaries, ML - Hostage extraction, corporate assassinations, preemptive surgical strikes, ML - Or just plain search and destroy. ML - Heck, we even robbed a few federal banks with business with slow. ML - So... ML - So this little shindig we got here... ML - Oh, it's nothing. ML - It's just a walk in the park. ML - Are you going to say something or what? KB - Huh? KB - Oh, I'm sorry. I must have totally zoned out on you. KB - Whoa, my eyes are starting to water. Whoo! KB - Sorry. KB - Let's make one thing clear. Last night was a party. KB - Tonight, I get to work! KB - Decaffeinated. DC - Oh well. DC - It was worth a try. VN - This is not a good idea. We should kill him now. CO - Patience, Vagan. CO - I need answers. CO - I need answers from him. VN - He's awake. CO - So. CO - This is the great Killer Bean. KB - Yeah. CO - You attack my warehouses. CO - You kill my beans. CO - What do you want from me?! KB - My guns would be nice. KB - Better enjoy a while it lasts, tough guy. CO - Tough words from a bean who is helpless. KB - Ohhh... KB - No, you did not! KB - Okay. Maybe you did. CO - What do you want, Killer Bean? Who are you working for? KB - What. You expect me to just blurt it all out? CO - My nephew was at the Baker Street warehouse when you attacked it, okay. CO - I think you owe me an explanation. KB - Your nephew? KB - Hmm... Your nephew... CO - He was such a good boy. CO - He wanted to be a DJ as some big nightclub. CO - I told him, someday I'll buy you your own my club. CO - As long as you sell my drugs there. CO - Eh, the profit sharing we never agreed on. CO - But you know, he was such a sweet kid. KB - Oh yeah. Yeah remember him. KB - He was the one playing the music. CO - He always loved his music. KB - Well, he's dead now. CO - Kill this bean. He's wasting my time. VN - It's about time. CG - How does it feel to be killed, CG - by your own gun? KB - Funny... KB - I was about to ask you the same thing. VN - Are we done playing games for today? DC - Finally... DO - Dispatch. DC - This is Cromwell. DO - Roger, Detective Cromwell. DC - I need backup. I'm at 43rd and Main Street. DO - Right away, sir. DC - There's no rush. DC - I got time. DC - Cromwell out. CO - How dare you! CO - How dare you come onto my property, looking to kill me! CO - Who do you think you are? KB - Hate to burst your bubble, Cappuccino... KB - but I'm not here to kill you. CO - What? KB - I'm here to kill him. KB - You just got in my way. CO - I don't understand. CO - You want to kill him? CO - No me? DC - What the hell is going on? DC - Just shoot him already. KB - It's complicated. KB - Why don't you just beat it. CO - No. I'm quite interested to knowing why. KB - Fine. You wanna die too? KB - Believe me, it's no trouble at all. CO - Actually, uh... CO - I think that my estimated taxes are due soon. CO - I like to stay on top of that stuff. KB - Good idea. CO - Oh. CO - By the way. CO - Vagan? CO - You're fired!! VN - It's about time they sent someone with some talent after me. KB - Nothing but the best for you, Dark Bean. VN - Yeah. I guess they finally learned it's gonna take the best. DC - What the hell is going on? KB - You were one of the Shadow Agency's top beans. KB - I used to look up to you. KB - Now I have to kill you. KB - Why did you betray us, Dark Bean? VN - I didn't betray anyone. VN - The Shadow Agency betrayed me. KB - What? KB - You're the one who destroyed our database, and stole years of intelligence work. How could you do that? KB - And how could you go from policing the world to running guns for this two-bit gangster? VN - Why did you join the Shadow Agency, Killer Bean? KB - To get rid of the trash in this world, one bullet at a time. VN - Yeah, we all joined for the same reason. VN - But when I joined the Shadow Agency 12 years ago, VN - It was more clear cut. VN - Our job was to neutralize threats, while the politicians were paralyzed in diplomatic bullshit. KB - That's just the way I like it. VN - Times have changed. VN - The agency was always privately controlled, VN - But originally we always worked with the government to protect our citizens. VN - Then it all changed. VN - I'm not sure what caused the shift but now, VN - we're just guns for hire, providing services to the highest bidder. VN - Anyone with the right amount of money can buy the talents of the Shadow Beans. VN - On one mission, I was asked to protect some rich dictator. VN - On another, I assassinated an opposing leader. VN - It didn't matter what we did. VN - The Shadow Agency always convinced us that what we did was for the right reasons. VN - But before I left, they had me deliver weapons to the very group of beans I had spent several years trying to take down. VN - That was it for me. KB - Do you expect me to believe any of this? KB - All I know is that you breached the agency's security, and stole years of intelligence work. VN - I didn't steal anything. VN - All the information I took was mine. VN - I wasn't about to give up 12 years of sweat and blood. I needed it to continue my work. KB - And exactly how does serving Cappuccino continue your work? VN - Cappuccino is a major player in the weapons market. VN - Posing as his lackey puts me on the inside. VN - I can find out who wants what, who sells what, and where the big threats are. VN - But unlike at the Shadow Agency, I can finally kill the beans who deserve to be killed. KB - You got yourself a few more minutes of life with that story, Dark Bean. KB - But you can't out talk my trigger finger. VN - It doesn't matter if you believe me or not. VN - This is probably your last mission. VN - If I don't kill you, the Shadow Agency will. KB - What the hell are you talking about? I'm one of their best Shadow Beans. KB - Why would they want me dead? VN - The Shadow Agency knows I could expose them. VN - Any agent that comes in contact with me is compromised. VN - And from what I've been hearing, VN - You've been a liability to the agency since the day you started. VN - Seeing the mess you made last night confirms that the Shadow Agency has a hard time controlling you. VN - They must know you joined for the same reasons I did. VN - They know it's only a matter of time before you find out the truth about them. VN - And if they can't control you now, how will they control you when you do find out? VN - It's smarter for them to diffuse you now, before you become a bigger problem. KB - If they wanted me dead, then why even send me on this mission? VN - You said it yourself. You're one of their best. VN - They tried to kill me before. They sent Shadow Beans after me twice. VN - They both failed. VN - Think about it, Killer Bean. VN - They want us both dead, and we're hard to kill. VN - Regardless of the outcome of this mission, the agency gets what they want. VN - Because one of us will be eliminated. KB - No, no. You're lying. KB - I'm not gonna believe you. I won't believe a word you say. VN - I had to take the shot. VN - I would have done more with my life than you ever will. VN - Doesn't matter now. VN - We're both dead beans. DO - Dispatch. DC - This is Cromwell. Where's my backup? DO - 6 squad cars eta 3 minutes, 2 special assault units in 5. DC - Get me more. DO - How many, sir? DC - Everyone. JB - Yes? JB - Yes, I am here. 'Deactivated' JB - And who is the target? 'Deactivated' JB - No. No problem at all. JB - I've always wanted to meet him. JB - I'll call you when the job is done. 'Secure Connection' PB 1 - Drop your guns! PB 1 - Put em down, now! KB - It's not gonna end like this. PB 1 - Drop your guns! DC - Whoa, whoa ,whoa! Easy, hold your fire! KB - Finally brought some backup, huh. DC - Yeah. Does this satisfy your ego? KB - What do you want, Cromwell? Coming to see if I did your dirty work? KB - He's right over there. DC - Yeah, he's dead all right. DC - But you didn't kill him. DC - He did. KB - What does it matter? KB - You got the results you wanted. Now just step aside and let me by. DC - Let you by? DC - You're the key to this whole mess. DC - If I let you go, I'll never find out about the Shadow Agency, or the Shadow Beans. KB - I can't help you. DC - Why not? DC - You are Shadow Bean, aren't you? KB - Not anymore. DC - They're coming after you, aren't they. DC - Don't shoot! Hold your fire! DC - If you tell me what I need to know, I can protect you. KB - I highly doubt that. DC - I can at least give you a place to stay tonight. DC - Let me help you, Killer Bean. KB - There is nothing you can do that will help me. KB - But I do need a quiet place to think. KB - Not exactly what I had in mind, but this will do. DC - Make yourself at home. This will keep you safe for the night. DC - Hell, it'll probably keep us safe too. KB - I don't plan on staying long. DC - I'll be back in the morning. We have a lot to talk about. PB 2 - Who were these guys? I'd like to know where they get guns like this. PB 3 - Hey, don't touch that stuff. You know better than that. You're contaminating the evidence. PB 2 - I don't think we're going to have a shortage of evidence here. PB 3 - Whoa, hold it! This is a crime scene. No one is allowed on the premises. PB 2 - Yeah. Nobody ordered no egg foo yung here. JB - Where is Killer Bean? PB 2 - Killer Bean? We put his ass in the slammer. PB 3 - Wait. PB 3 - Who are you? PB 2 - Let me put it in a language you can understand. PB 2 - So sorry. No chow mein here. You deliver wrong place. PB 3 - Get your hands in the air! Put them up, now! PB 3 - Now put your hands on your head, drop to your knees. DC - Commander. Thanks for your help. DC - I'm turning in for the night. I'll be back in the morning. PB 1 - Right, sir. We'll be here when you get back. DC - Excellent. PB 1 - What do we got here? PB 3 - Just some punk bean we caught assaulting an officer. PB 1 - Well he sure picked the wrong night to do that. PB 1 - Take him in. PB 1 - Hold it! Another move, and we drop you! PB 1 - Take him out! JB - These are very nice guns. KB - Are you sure you want to do that? JB - You need them more than I do. KB - So you're the bean they sent to kill me. JB - Mmm hmm. KB - Who are you? JB - I am Jet Bean. Assassin from the East. KB - I completed my mission. Why do they want me dead? JB - They don't tell me why. JB - And I don't ask. KB - They decided to kill me the moment they sent me on this mission, didn't they. KB - That's what Dark Bean told me. KB - The agency knew that once I found out the truth about them, they couldn't trust me. KB - They were right. JB - Save your breath, Killer Bean. JB - You're going to need it. KB - Don't you know what the Shadow Agency is? Don't you realize how they're using us? JB - I can see you've been brainwashed by Dark Bean. JB - He was a fool. JB - No one Shadow Bean can threaten the agency. KB - But I'm no Shadow Bean. JB - I certainly hope you trained harder than that. JB - Well... JB - At least you're in the fighting mood now. JB - You have been a formidable opponent. JB - I am sorry I have to end this game. JB - You already tried that. KB - It's over. JB - Not for you. 'Secure Connection' KB - Jet Bean, is your mission complete? KB - Jet Bean is dead. SA - Killer Bean... KB - I learned a lot about the Shadow Agency today. KB - And it's not for me. KB - I quit. SA - Don't be rash. Think about what you are doing. SA - Why don't you come in? We can talk things over. KB - Oh, I'm coming in. But it won't be for talking. KB - This will do.