"don't jump," or why grapple knife is shit

originally written by DestroyerOfBlocks

sometimes, if i am bored or in need of a mental laceration, i play grapple knife. i am sure many others have felt this pain during the deathmatch droughts that sometimes occur, and many blocklanders i am in contact with will agree with me that, in their own words, "grapple knife is shit". the less autistic among us would desist after that initial impression, confounded as they were by the obtuseness of the grapple and knife or annoyed by the one life system, but not i. i have become rather skilled in grapple knife and, like in any other deathmatch, i began to optimize my play style. from this i discovered the most hidden secret of the expert grapple knifers; grapple knife is shit even when youre good at it.

after such an astonishing revelation i immediately penned it down in a format easily accessible by the common man. those who knife with frequence may have heard it before, the catchphrase "don't jump" sounding out after my successful kills. unfortunately don't jump is not as intuitive as i would like it to be and, after quite a few arguments and displeased admins, i am forced to fully reveal my secrets.

the phrase don't jump does not mean do not jump ever per se as; although jumping certainly is hazardous due to it naturally putting the player into a very predictable trajectory, it can be used to mindgame opponents who would normally aim at your feet. my concern is only the movement between platforms that requires some form of air time

this guide will contain visual aid such as the image below to help players fully ascertain themselves with the concept presented.