Would you guys consider jacking off to be a sport? I don’t know about you motherfuckers, but I consider that shit to be a sport, okay? If people can sit back and label goddamn golf, which is the boringest fucking sport in the world, a goddamn sport, if you can label that shit as a sport, and if you can label goddamn fishing as a sport, I know damn well you can label jacking off a sport. Think about it, what the fuck athletically are you really doing in golf, my nigga? All you doing is hitting a goddamn golf club, “Oh my God man, that’s a long ass birdie man, nice birdie, nice putt, man it went 250 yards.” Get the fuck outta here, nobody care about that boring ass shit. Who the fuck really watches golf, my nigga? Nobody gives a fuck, it makes niggas fall asleep. Fishing on the other hand, what the fuck are you really doing athletically, my nigga, in fishing? All you’re doing is that you’re sitting your bitch ass up in a boat, usually it’s old ass snagger-teeth motherfuckers that ain’t got no goddamn teeth up in they fucking grill, or up in they mouth. They’re just sitting up the goddamn boat, you know what I’m saying. Throwing a goddamn rod. It can be any kind of goddamn bait up on the end of the rod. It can be a worm, it can be a caterpillar, it can be a centipede, it can be a dead ass butterfly, it can be a fucking beak of a damn bird, it can be a fucking, it can be anything, you know what I’m saying? “Oh my God! We caught a big ass salmon, reel that fat bitch in, yeah.” Motherfucker, what are you doing athletically? How the fuck is that working up a sweat, my nigga? What, you’re working out your arms, because you have to reel that motherfucker in? Nigga, that’s not a sport, dawg. Well, fuck it. You know what, it is a sport. Fuck it. You guys want to consider that shit to be a sport? Jacking off is a fucking sport to me. Jacking off and beating your motherfucking dick to porn is a sport. There’s two damn things that you have to do. A. You build up a sweat. Well actually, you don’t have to do shit. There’s basically two things that goes down, that’s what I meant to say. A. You’re building up a sweat. I don’t give a fuck nigga, if you are building up a sweat, goddamn it, that’s shit is considered a sport. You’re building up a sweat. Number 2, and the most important part of that shit, is that your hand is getting a workout. Your hand is getting a workout, nigga, you are building up your arm strength, and you are building up your hand strength, okay. I don’t know about you, nigga, but when I’m beating my shit, nigga, my fucking hand muscles get fucking tight, you know what I’m saying? And that shit wears the fuck out of my entire left arm. I used to be able to do it with my right hand, can’t do that shit, so I do it with my left hand. So, in my personal opinion, do you guys consider jacking off a sport? Nigga, in my opinion, I believe it is. So I know with some of you trolling ass faggot bitches are gonna say “Oh, man, you must not get no pussy, motherfucker, if you jack off.” Motherfucker, let’s be real, okay? Everybody has jacked off once in they goddamn life. If you gonna sit back, and you gonna come on my video, and troll my shit, say “Oh, nigga, I never jacked off once in my life.” Bitch, stop lying. Everybody does this shit, okay? So please miss me with that bullshit, nigga, and go preach that shit to somebody who fucking is actually gonna listen to you, okay? Number 2, “Oh my God, this video was stupid. It was pointless.” Couldn’t’ve been that stupid, bitch, you still clicked on it! You know what I’m saying? All the motherfuckers that’s watching this video, nigga, you saw the title of the fucking video before you clicked on the video. So it couldn’t’ve been that damn stupid if you still proceeded to click on the motherfucker. So, jacking off. The shit’s a sport, fuck it.